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Free IJ Ferry Amsterdam

10 Free Things To Do in Amsterdam – 2022 Update

COVID-19 Tip Go to to stay up to date during a time with constantly changing rules as a result of the pandemic. Ah, Amsterdam. An incredible city, with beautiful museums, luxurious hotels, and amazing restaurants. Unfortunately, though our wallet isn’t bottomless, and everyone is in need of some free fun things to do sometimes. …

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NS Trains at a Trainstation in The Netherlands

Ultimate Guide to Public Transport in The Netherlands

It’s no secret that the Netherlands is a small country. Everything is packed together which makes it very easy to get almost anywhere in the Netherlands by using public transportation. This article will go over everything you need to know about public transport in The Netherlands, like how to get an OV-Chipkaart, how to check the schedules, as well as other tips to ensure that you’ll have the best possible experience.

Oudegracht, Utrecht

Ultimate Guide to Utrecht – 2022 update

Less than a 30-minute train ride from Amsterdam lies Utrecht. In many ways, a smaller, much more authentic version of Amsterdam. The canals, architecture, and culture of Utrecht are unbelievably beautiful. The streets of Utrecht aren’t overly crowded and, unlike those in Amsterdam, you won’t find a tourist trap on every corner. If you’re looking to have the most authentic experience when visiting Holland, Utrecht is – in my opinion – the best city you could visit. Planning a trip to Utrecht ensures that you’ll have an incredibly authentic experience of Dutch culture when visiting The Netherlands. This guide includes the very best things to do in Utrecht, as well as essentials like how to get here. I’ve compiled all the insider information from living Utrecht for the past 5 years into this guide, that’s why it truly is the Ultimate Guide to Utrecht.

Canals of Amsterdam

Cost & Prices of the Netherlands

If you’re wondering how much a trip to the Netherlands cost, you’ve come to the right place! The purpose of this article is to let you know about the cost of exploring the Netherlands as well as informing you about the prices of various things, from food and accommodation to activities. By the time you’ve read this article, you should know all you should know about the cost of staying in Holland. Note that this article won’t go over the cost of getting to the Netherlands since this can vary widely depending on where your adventure starts.

Ultimate Guide to Winter in Holland

Visiting Holland during wintertime is more adventurous than any other time of the year and I’ll be honest: it definitely has its cons. You will probably face some challenges. Delays when traveling by public transport are more common, there is an increased chance of traffic jams, and it can get pretty cold! However, you can have an amazing time when visiting Holland during the winter months. In fact, I personally think that coming during the winter gives you a more authentic experience visiting the Netherlands. Besides, there won’t be as many tourists and hotels will be much cheaper than they are during peak season.