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Free IJ Ferry Amsterdam

10 Free Things To Do in Amsterdam – 2024 Update

COVID-19 Tip Go to to stay up to date during a time with constantly changing rules as a result of the pandemic. Ah, Amsterdam. An incredible city, with beautiful museums, luxurious hotels, and amazing restaurants. Unfortunately, though our wallet isn’t bottomless, and everyone is in need of some free fun things to do sometimes. …

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Ultimate Guide to Winter in Holland

Visiting Holland during wintertime is more adventurous than any other time of the year and I’ll be honest: it definitely has its cons. You will probably face some challenges. Delays when traveling by public transport are more common, there is an increased chance of traffic jams, and it can get pretty cold! However, you can have an amazing time when visiting Holland during the winter months. In fact, I personally think that coming during the winter gives you a more authentic experience visiting the Netherlands. Besides, there won’t be as many tourists and hotels will be much cheaper than they are during peak season.